Side Dishes & Accompaniments

||Side Dishes & Accompaniments
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Side Dishes

V Palak Aloo £3.75

Spinach and potatoes.

V Palak Paneer £3.75

Spinach cooked with soft cheese.

V Mushrooms £3.75

Cooked in a masala sauce with tomatoes,
onions and spices.

V Okra £3.75

Cooked with onions in a sauce with spices.

V Tarka Daal £3.75

Lentils cooked in a spicy sauce with herbs.

V Matter Paneer £3.75

Peas and soft cheese cooked in a sauce.

V Aloo Gobi £3.75

Potatoes cooked with cauliflower and spices.

V Bombay Aloo £3.75

Potatoes cooked with herbs and spices.

V Sabzi £3.75

Mixed vegetables, herbs and spices.

V Aloo Matter £3.75

Potatoes cooked with peas, herbs and spices.


V Aloo Paratha £2.50

Layered with potato.

V Boiled Basmati Rice £1.95

V Pilau Rice £2.30

V Egg Rice £2.50

V Mushroom Rice £2.50

V Vegetable Pilau Rice £2.50

Keema Rice £2.50

Pilau rice with mince meat and spices

V Curry Sauce £2.75

With spices, coriander and herbs.

V Raitha (Yoghurt Mix) £1.50

With a hint of onion, cucumber and mint.

V French Fries £1.50

V Fresh Green Salad £1.50

V Pickle Tray £2.50

V Chapati £0.60

V Poppadom £0.50

V Tandoori Roti £0.80

Chapatti baked in a tandoor.

V Plain Naan £2.00

V Family Plain Naan £3.50

Keema Naan £2.50

Stuffed with mince meat and spices.

V Garlic Naan £2.25

V Family Garlic Naan £3.75

V Kulcha Naan £2.50

Stuffed with cheese and onion.

V Peshwari Naan* £2.50

Stuffed with almonds, sultanas, pistachio nuts and pineapple.

V Plain Paratha £2.30

A chapati with butter and rich flaky layers.

Keema Paratha £2.50