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white wines

Frascati – £12.95

Italy (12%)
A straw yellow coloured, dry white wine with a good balanced bouquet.

Chablis – £16.95

France (12%)
Lucid and fragrant with a pleasant vividness. A steely wine, delicious with a fish dish.

Colombard Chardonnay – £13.95

Australia (12%)
Dry and crisp with apricot and peach aromas and fresh gooseberry flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc – £13.95

Chile (14%)
Dry and crisp with intense apricot and peach aroma and lemon and gooseberry flavours. A wine with an excellent, balanced finish.

Chardonnay – £12.95

California (12.5%)
This chardonnay is made using modern wine making techniques producing a smooth, rich, dry white wine with crisp lemon/lime notes and buttery finish.

red wines

Shiraz – £13.95

Australia (13%)
A full bodied wine, fleshy mouth feel with light, structured tannins. Berry fruit shows through on the palette accompanied by a touch of residual sugar to soften the young tannins.

Merlot – £13.95

Chili (13%)
This wine represents excellent value for money. The succulent, ripe plumb style fruit is complimented with soft tannins and balancing tannins.

Rioja – £17.95

Spain (13%)
Fully oaked red giving a mellow, soft vanilla, toffee and buttery flavour.

Tempranillo – £13.50

Spain (13%)
A smooth, stylish wine made from Spain’s favourite red grape. Exhibiting typical, ripe strawberry and giving a round generous feel.

Chianti – £13.95

Italy (12.5%)
A classic Tuscan wine, this full bodied, dry red produced in the Gallo Nero region gives cherry like flavours, harmonious and slightly tannic.

Chateauneuf Du Pape – £19.50

France (14%)
The strongest of the Rhone wines, a deep, rich, soft red with a full bouquet.

Beaujolais Villages – £14.50

France (12.5%)
Selected from villages in the more hilly central Haute Beaujolais. This wine has a typical jammy character from the Gamay grape that has more depth and fruit.

Pinot Noir – £18.50

New Zealand (13.5%)
Instantly appealing, an attractive Mulberry hued red colour. Full bodied, soft and rounded. Very drinkable with excellent depth of cherry, raspberry and spice flavours.

Merlot – £13.95

California (12.5%)
This merlot is made using modern wine making techniques, producing a soft and rounded dry red wine with a hint of ripe plumbs and blueberries.

House Wines

House White (bottle) – £11.95

House Red (bottle) – £11.95

House Rose (bottle) – £11.95

House Wine (glass) – £3.50

Red, White or Rose.


Per Bottle – £19.95

Sparkling wine & Champagne

Asti Spumante – £13.95

San Carlo (7.5%)
Moscato Bianco d’Asti is the grape used in this typical muscat wine, with a delicate, aromatic sweetness and fruity taste.

Moet et Chandon – £39.95

Brut Imperial (12%)
Most well known of all champagnes. A harmonious blend of three champagne grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from the most expensive crus of the
Champagne region.

Lanson Black Label (12.5%) – £44.00

The old champagne house in reimes produces this classic champagne giving a creamy and toasted flavour with a refreshing bubbly finish.

Laurant Perrier NV Brut (12%) – £48.00

Noted for its fruitier, more elegant style which reflects the high percentage of chardonnay in the blend. On of the best non-vintage grand marques on the market.

Dom Perignon – £112.00

Vintage (12.5%)
A rich, dry and full flavoured champagne produced roughly equal proportions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the best vineyards of Moet & Chandon.

Louis Roederor – £295.00

Cristal Brut (12%)
A wonderful champagne produced in small quantities but in whose pedigree you may have total confidence. Made only from the grand cru vineyards.

Rose wines

Mateus Rose (12%) – £12.95

Portugal’s most famous rose, delightfully refreshing with a hint of sparkle.

White – Zinfandel (12%) – £13.95

A wonderful zinfandel with an excellent nose highlighted by black raspberries and plumbs with a touch of spicy black pepper.

Bottled Beers & Cider (each) – £2.95

Kingfisher (half pint) – £2.50

Kingfisher (pint) – £4.25

Spirits (single measure) – £2.95

Coke or Lemonade (splash) – £0.25

Juices (splash) – £0.30

Soft Drinks

Lemonade (glass) – £1.50

Sprite (bottle) – £1.95

Coca Cola (glass) – £1.50

Coca Cola (bottle) – £1.95

Fanta (bottle) – £1.95

Soda Water (bottle) – £1.50

Tonic (bottle) – £1.50

Spring Water (still or sparkling) – £1.95

Bitter Lemon (bottle) – £1.50

Ginger Ale (bottle) – £1.50

Red Bull – £1.95

J20 – £2.50

Apple & Mango, Apple & Raspberry, Orange & Passion Fruit.

Juice – £1.95

Orange, mango or pineapple.

Cranberry Juice – £1.95

Lassi (glass) – £1.95

Lassi (jug) – £5.50

Mango, strawberry, sweet, salty or plain.

Tea – £1.95

Desi Tea – £2.25

Coffee – £1.95

Cream Coffee – £2.95

Liqueur Coffee – £3.95

Cappuccino – £2.25

Latte – £2.25

Hot Chocolate – £1.95